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The three of you who regularly read this blog may have noticed that I didn’t post a new entry last week. I’ll tell you the simple version of the truth: I wasn’t really excited to report the outcome of our last rehearsal. I think I’ll have more on that subject tomorrow night or the next.

In the meantime, I’ve been meaning to share with you a funny gig story that one of my best friends passed along.

Mickey McPhillips is a great friend of mine. He and I met many years ago while playing in the Redwood Symphony in California. After my post about using gallery sounds as part of a performance Mickey wrote me about a gig he played:

I recently played a gig with George Young (sax), who was part of the ‘Saturday Night Live’ band for about 15 years. gig was in a small gallery in Carmel. small room, many people, all had been drinking free wine for about an hour, before the band arrived.

trio, piano ,bass, sax. no drums. opening tune was a standard. crowd noise was so loud, we could barely hear each other. George: “OK, since nobody is listening, we will just play some jazz for ourselves.” during the tune, the crowd noise got even louder. coming out of the bass solo, George called out “fours with the crowd noise.” and we did.

I could not stop laughing. the next tune was ‘cute’. get the picture?

Our good friend, blogger Jason Heath has a collection of crazy gig stories on If you want more of these, head over there!

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  1. Nice! I also have a collection of crazy gig stories at my new website GigAnecdotes — please take a look if you have a minute, and feel free to post your own as well!

    Peace, and keep creating!

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