Scheduling: Massive FAIL

One of the reasons I wanted to move the CBE’s website to a blog platform was so that I could talk, from time to time, about the work of organizing, promoting and generally “building” a performing group. This is one of those posts.

About 8 weeks ago, after giving a performance at a private salon, I asked the other members of the group to look at their schedules and give me some ideas about when would be the next good time to set up a performance. Enough waiting around for other presenters to contact me, I need to set up more performances of our own!

John, Doug and Michael dutifully responded with messages about their schedules. And I promptly got so busy with other, non-bass-ensemble stuff that I did absolutely nothing with the information. Scheduling FAIL on my part.

It’s a lot to keep on top of, to be an adult!

Since their entire world will have changed in the intervening 8 weeks, I’ve asked the guys to again give me some schedule/availability ideas, and will try again. Wish me luck in the comments!

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