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Begging for Comments

Monday, November 1st, 2010

I know that you must be breathlessly awaiting to know the results of last week’s plea for comments.

No, of course you’re not. It’s easy enough to see that there were only two, and if you know much at all about the group, you’ll see that both come from current members of the group. Thank you to John Floeter and Doug Johnson!!

Why worry about comments? Why blog at all? The answer is in three letters: SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Search engines like content. A great discussion about bass playing, or a recent performance, or some musical repertoire is an addition of great content to the site.

It’s much more valuable as content than the spam comments that regularly cross my inbox!

So now, an update on the goal stated last week: two well-played and well-recorded tracks before December.

  • We’ve got a tentative rehearsal schedule,
  • which will be updated when Michael Hovnanian confirms some things in his own schedule.
  • We will record two pieces, presuming for the moment that the composers have no objection:
    • Sawtooth Hammer by Seth Boustead, and
    • The Open Sea by Doug Johnson.
  • I had a dream that I was talking to my favorite recording engineer when my iPhone went dead. But actually, I have already left him a message in non-dream-land.

It’s not huge, but it is progress. Stay tuned . . . both of you.

Marian Compositions, Lincoln Chamber Productions and Sabina Lilly

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Friend and fellow Chicago music entrepeneur Timothy Woods asked me to announce the following concerts.

Lincoln Chamber Productions



With Guest Artist, Sabina L. Lilly, Soprano

  • Twice One, (Trumpet, piano, cello)
  • Paul Wierzbowski, Classical Guitar
  • The Rosenquist Vocal Quartet
  • John Schreckengost , Horn
  • The Woods Family Singers
  • and the Lincoln Chamber Chorale

In an evening of music dedicated to Marian compositions and International influences.

Both concerts will be preceded with an interview with Sabina

Thursday, Nov 18, 7:30pm (7pm interview)
St. Michael Catholic Church
Wheaton IL

Sunday, Nov 21, 4pm (3:30pm interview)
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Lombard IL

Suggested Donations:
$15– 13 and older
$5 children, ages 7-12

For tickets, call 815-806-0066

“The most commendable expenditure is that which is directed to Divine sacrifices”
Yet another reason why we should spend money to make the Liturgy great for God

Facebook and MySpace

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Hey, we got enough folks to “Like” our facebook musician/band page that we now have the vanity url

We’re also on MySpace, at

I imagine that has to be worth something in SEO value — I mean, it can’t hurt, can it?

Thanks to those of you who connected with us. Now, let’s get some comments on these blog postings!!

In Good Company

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Some marketing efforts pay off . . .

I’m working to make better use of the resources I have, the resources that just about anybody has these days: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, WordPress, and an e-mail list. The folks at Bass Musician Magazine received the latest e-mail and have posted it on their “Events” page. I have to say I was pleased to find myself sharing a page with Victor Wooten and Eddie Gomez (and just off-screen the NAMM show).

So, in case you can’t make it to their gigs this coming Friday, June 25, 2010, come see ours!

Today’s Focus: Content

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

So as you can see today, I haven’t yet licked the make-it-look-like-the-custom-design problem yet. And what with other priorities and events in life, that hasn’t been a top priority and won’t be for a while.

Instead, today’s focus will be, for a few hours, on adding content. I have notes and announcements of performances that were a part of the site, and I’ll be adding them retroactively to the “Performances” blog category.

After all, search engines crawl content, not designs!

Okay, We’re on Facebook. What Now?

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Social media and social networking have been all the buzz (a word Google chose to adopt) for the last several years. Public relations professionals are all a-twitter (you get the idea) with the prospects of using these technologies for various kinds of marketing and focused campaigns

I confess that I knew next to nothing about both facebook and Twitter until a project at sent me on a crash course. And now Chicago Bass Ensemble has both a Twitter account and a facebook page, in addition to the MySpace page that we’ve had since the beginning.

But I’ll tell you the truth: I don’t really know what to do with all these venues for public connection! As you can see from the preceding paragraph, I don’t even know how to link you to the facebook page. I think you have to already be a member of facebook to see it, anyway. What good is that?!

Ah, if only I had some gigs to publicize! Send your ideas!

WordPress Install, Day Two

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

It’s early Sunday morning, and I’ll say that I’m pretty pleased with the way the cut-over (cut-over? more like a smush-over) to WordPress has gone.

Customizing the header appears to be the next tough task — as I write I’m still using a barely tweaked version of the default header:

screen captureAfter that, trying to actually get all the spacing, fonts and miscellaneous graphics back to Antony Viot‘s original vision will be a major chore. WordPress experts who care to recommend a theme to start from are welcome to comment!!

Traffic-Building: a Pingback

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

As part of this exercise in rebuilding the site on WordPress, here’s a remark about a blog posting about us. It’s on Jason Heath’s blog, and it happens to be a release we sent out, and Jason republished it verbatim.

Initial Install Going Fine

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

The initial install of the WordPress application and such has gone just fine.

You may notice that the header of the site doesn’t look anything like the pages which are linked to it. Modifying the site theme and then re-building those pages is next.

It seems unlikely that anyone would already be commenting on the site, but if you are out there reading, I’d love to hear from you!

Hello world!

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!