Audition Daily Blog 04

18 November 2015

Goals tonight

  • play each excerpt, plus the required solo, at least once
  • try out “interleaved” technique described on Bulletproof Musician
  • don’t stay up late
  • get some laundry started
  • help set up daughter’s new phone

Okay, I typed up those goals before I started practicing (I’m cheating, this will be like oh maybe seven or eight minutes’ worth of writing in total, *gasp*). Who wants to guess what happened?

That’s right, dammit, setting up the phone took WAY too much time. Android. Ick. Although I have decided that my theory about phone operating systems is the same as my theory about Austin Powers movies: whichever one you see first is the one you love, and the others all seem derivative and borderline terrible.

So, since we’re definitely here to keep score:

Play each excerpt: actually accomplished, but at a bare minimum for several

Use the “interleaved” practice schedule: did not do, except by virtue of not working on any one excerpt for more than five minutes or so.

Don’t stay up late: yet to be seen, but it is now 10:23, and once I wrap up this post, off to bed, and all in all that’s not terrible.

Get some laundry started: don’t make me laugh.

Phone: we talked about that already. A grudging victory: I helped, but it cost me.

Bottom line is, tonight actually didn’t suck as a practice session. It could have been much worse, and really given the whole phone thing, it came out okay.

I’m feeling borderline positive. I really do think I’ll do better on the 29th than I did at the CSO audition. There are going to be talented players at this audition, so I am not betting my mortgage on winning, but I know I’ll do better than … okay, enough on that already. Grudge match between me and J.S.B. is on!

I love playing music. Forcing myself to follow through on this audition is bringing back so many skills, I’m really happy about it. Winning the job would be just awesome. So is being able to play at my best, wherever I play.

Time’s up. Good night.

next morning edit: bad news. After publishing this post, I stayed up really late working on the phone. But I was successful. So . . .


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