Funny I’d be reading this as I’m procrastinating putting together sets for a performance I have this weekend. I just have a few stray thoughts.

A diverse repertoire is often a favorite of the musicians, not necessarily the audience. While traditional classical orchestras rotate a repertoire, as the public gets more used to hitting a feeder bar for entertainment “that’s familiar” gains real cachet.

My favorite artists could play the same songs and I wouldn’t care, though to be fair Jazz is always something new on some level. In fact, if I don’t hear certain songs I get disappointed.

For my own group, I do focus on what we sound the best at, i.e. what produces the best product for the audience?

Bottom line, the only way to know for sure is to do what you are doing. My guess is you appear so infrequently most won’t notice, but I’m sure you’ll get at least one audience member who will say that you played that last time.