Great post, and understandably frustrating situation in which many find themselves! As a staff member at 5HE (and the one who receives our Twitter mentions), I have a bit of insight into this from an operations perspective. I feel that 5HE has found a good balance of effectively repeating rep that we have prepared for various concerts and introducing new rep by programming a series of new, self produced concerts each year during which we play almost all new pieces, or every once in a while an old favorite we’re dying to reprise, but then also looking to book either repeat concerts around the city, suburbs, or on tour that will utilize the hard work our musicians have put into preparing the pieces and lowering the rehearsal to performance ratios. And then in the following months, and even possibly at the beginning of the next season, we also use those pieces to put together programs for different presenters.

That’s not the only way we do it, but it is one way! Best of luck!